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Proudly Serving Domino's Pizza Since 2007!

Welcome to the Visual Image Productions' Domino's Store Management System!

Domino's Pizza Locations on Our System: 27 Job Applications Processed: 641 Surveys Submitted: 1,859

Visual Image Productions (VIP) has been working with Domino’s Pizza since 2007 developing new and innovative ways to use technology and the internet to save franchisees time and money. We started by developing an online job application system for the London, ON market, and have since added team member management, customer surveys and we are adding new features and modules as we get feedback from franchisees.

I have been working with Domino's Pizza since 1998, first as a contract delivery driver and now in marketing and I.T. support for franchisees. This software is written for Domino's Pizza, by a Domino's Pizza team member!

NEW - We guarentee top-notch customer service! If we don't reply to your emails within 48hrs we'll give you a month of free service any time it happens!

Domino's Pizza of London, one of the oldest and one of the most successful Canadian franchises has been using our software since 2007. In London, they have completely eliminated their paper applications and use the online system exclusively to support the staffing needs of their six locations.

To date, our software has successfully processed 641 job applications and has saved our clients countless hours and wages in sorting through, filing, and eventually shredding paper applications and resumes.

Our online application is identical to the paper application used by most stores, and also allows applicants to attach a cover letter and resume. Once the applicant has submitted their application they will receive an email thanking them for applying. The email also explains that they will only be contacted if selected for an interview, and that their application and resume will be kept on file for six months. The GM's responsible for hiring at the locations the applicant applied for will also receive a short email summarizing the new application.

NEW - Franchisees can also add custom questions to the application to assist in pre-screening for candidate selection for interviews!

The major benefit of the system is in organizing potential recruits for easy access when you need them. The new application will be placed in an “inbox” for each store they applied to. The GM/franchisee of that location will then be able to view the application, leave notes, and flag it as a potential hire. If, in the mean time, the candidate is hired at another store, their application will automatically be removed from the cue. That is just a small sample of what the system can do.

Another benefit to the online application process is the collection of potential customer information. Applicants are asked to allow your company to contact them by email, and most applicants will give consent. This creates a very large mailing list for franchisees opens the door to great e-newsletter opportunities, as well as special offers via email.

Our customer survey module will eventually prove to be even more powerful and beneficial than the job application system. This interactive, fully customizable survey will allow you to easily solicit feedback from your customers. When a customer completes a survey online, you and your GM will immediately receive a copy of the survey to allow you react to issues rapidly.

In addition, at the bottom of the survey email you will see a short report showing you the “trend” of your latest survey results at this store. This graph will show you if your customer satisfaction is trending up or down. The customer will automatically receive a “Thank You” email, including a coupon as a reward for their time (optional). This will prove to be another effective method of collecting your customers’ email addresses for future use with marketing.

The real power of the survey system is behind the scenes. You will be able to access real time reports that you can sort by store, by date, and/or by question. You can also edit the survey questions at any time. After a few months of surveys, the reporting features will become a truly powerful tool for you and your GM’s.

Visual Image Productions produces local Domino’s Pizza websites for franchisees, allowing them to directly control their local online marketing presence. Your site will be based on the corporate Domino’s brand, but you will be able to customize it as you desire. If you do not have a Facebook page, we can also set one up for you, free of charge, if we build your website.

In addition, you can edit most of the content of your site directly from our Domino's Store Management System!

We charge a one-time fee for the production of your site, after which point you maintain ownership of the site and all content. That means if at any point you decide to discontinue your subscription with us, you can switch your web site to any other company without fear of losing your content.

You can see an example of one of our local pages at DominosLondon.ca

Our Domino's Store Management System is continuously being updated and new features are added frequently. We have big plans for future time saving modules! The great thing is that your annual fee also includes any new features we add over the course of your subscription! You are automatically given the very best of what we have to offer, and there is never an additional fee!

At V.I.P. we firmly believe in the importance of supporting our community. We have a strong commitment to helping organizations that help the youth of today to develop into the adults of tomorrow.

To do our part, we donate 10% of all sales directly to youth organizations operating in Central Newfoundland. There is no annual maximum, and no limitations, but we do insist that the funds go DIRECTLY to the delivering of top-notch programs that assist local youth. View our Community Page for more information on how the money is allocated.

Domino’s Store Management System (D.S.M.)

  • Online job application system
  • Team management features
  • Customer survey module
  • Ability to edit customer website in real-time
  • All future module updates
  • Domain name
  • ALL THIS FOR $10/STORE/MONTH! (payable annually)

Domino’s Local Website Design

  • Customizable web site based on corporate marketing standards
  • Franchisee maintains ownership of all site content
  • Free template updates whenever the corporate marketing standards change
  • See an example at DominosVictoria.ca or StrathroyDominos.ca
  • Cost: $149 (one time development fee)

Website & Email Server Assistance

  • We will help you maintain your website, manage your web server, provide training and support for setting up your email accounts, and much more!
  • Basically gives you total peace of mind for your web marketing presence.
  • Cost: $50/year

Please feel free to contact us as we would love to discuss what we can do for your franchise. We have always prided ourselves in creating a close working relationship with our clients, so consider us on-call day or night!

Jason Nault - Owner
Web Design & Database Marketing
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Cell: 709-486-0103
Email: jnault@viponline.ca